PROG Magazine: R40: Celebrating 40 Years of Rush

PROG Magazine: R40: Celebrating 40 Years of Rush
Update: All three articles which appeared in this issue are now ONLINE for your reading pleasure. Enjoy-
The January 2015 issue of Classic Rock Presents: PROG Magazine, which is on sale now in the UK, includes numerous features and articles on Rush including a Rush-themed cover. Look for a complete transcription of the magazine to be included in the Articles section of the main site soon.

In connection with the release of the issue, PROG has just released a lengthy article titled R40: Celebrating 40 Years of Rush. The article talks with 40 famous Rush fans who discuss the band and pick their favourite Rush songs.

From the article:
“The Twilight Zone is a little gem with a very strong lead guitar motif from Alex, Ged’s verse vocals up in the stratosphere and then the chorus slipping into an eerie flanged vocal that is in the ‘zone’. This is all held together by Neil’s very concise, driving percussion closing with the airy guitar solo which makes this one of my favourite Rush tunes.”

“The live version of A Passage To Bangkok off Exit… Stage Left is probably my favourite Rush moment of all time. I like this more than the album version; the feel is a bit funkier and some of the drumming is absolutely not of this world. Exit… Stage Left is probably my favourite Rush record, and this is definitely my favourite track from this record.”

“I saw Rush play Xanadu live at their first ever UK gig. This was at the Sheffield City Hall back in 1977. It was the solitary new song they played on that tour, and as I already had the live album All The World’s A Stage, which is pretty much what they played, the only thing I wasn’t familiar with. But it stood out as an epic piece. It’s 11 minutes long and musically meandering from quiet to very loud all the way through… Amazing stuff.”
Check out the entire article via this LINK.

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