Geddy Lee Discusses Moog Taurus Pedals - Interview

Geddy Lee Moog Taurus Pedals
The first of a three-part video interview with Geddy Lee is now online at the website. The interview (and series) focuses on Geddy's use of the Moog Taurus Pedals throughout Rush's history.

This first installment, Geddy looks back at the influence of the Taurus sounds and indicates that a few tracks from their upcoming Clockwork Angels album made use of the Taurus pedals.

Check out the entire video interview below -- or via this LINK.

Thanks to RushFanForever and Eric from Power Windows for the links.


  1. The fact that there'll be delicious wet MOOG in Clockwork Angels is FREAKIN' AWESOME! YEAH, BABY!

  2. Moog Taurus Slipper! HA! Too cool.


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