Neil Peart Posts Tribute to Andrew MacNaughtan

Andrew MacNaughtan
Neil Peart has posted a moving tribute to his late friend Andrew MacNaughtan on his website. Neil reflects on his relationship with Andrew which began back in 1985. More than just the band's photographer, Andrew was clearly a dear friend of Neil's (and Alex / Geddy / the entire Rush management team as well). From the entry:
In later years, Andrew became the band’s near-exclusive photographer, in concert, formal portraits, and documenting our rehearsals and recording sessions. He even served (suffered) as our personal assistant for two tours, Presto and Roll the Bones. As other assistants we have employed over the years would agree—were they not bound by strict confidentiality agreements—it was not a glamorous or easy job.

Throughout that turbulent time, all of us remained friends. Though Andrew was something of a self-confessed neurotic, he had a terrific sense of humor, and like me, he could laugh himself into helplessness—especially over the antics of Alex, who Geddy and I have long described as “the funniest man in the world.”

It was Andrew who bestowed on me the enduring nickname “Bubba.” (I like to think because he considered me the “anti-Bubba,” but I will never be sure.) He is thus commemorated by my website departments, Bubba’s Book Club and Bubba’s Bar ’n’ Grill.
You can read the entire entry via this LINK.

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[Rush Photographer Andrew MacNaughtan Passes Away - January 26th, 2012]


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