Gibson Guitar Ranks Rush 2nd Best Rock Rhythm Section of All Time

Gibson guitar has posted their Top 10 list of the greatest Drum ’n’ Bass: Rock Rhythm Sections of all time.
Bass and drums are often the unsung heroes of rock and roll. A killer rhythm section will make a band soar, while a mediocre bass-drums combo can drag down even the strongest ensembles.

At, we simply can’t get enough of that cascading cannon-style drum sound, and little competes with a flawlessly executed, funky slap-and-pop bassline. It’s the rhythm section’s time to take the spotlight!
Taking the #2 spot were Geddy Lee and Neil Peart, behind only John Paul Jones and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin:
Canadian power trio Rush gained a following thanks to their virtuoso instrumentals and radio-friendly progressive rock style. Geddy Lee proved the quintessential hard rock frontman, with his oh-so distinct tenor – and a bass player, to boot! It’s Lee’s attention to bass grooves and vocal melodies and his perfect fit with drummer Neil Peart – who, consequently, is to praise for much of Rush’s songwriter – that makes this ranking a no-brainer.
You can check out the entire Top 10 list via this LINK.


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