The Six Most-Beloved Rush Concept Songs

"Centurions of evil, fountains delivering enlightenment and epic space journeys, for starters...". That's the heading on a new article from MacLeans' Magazine titled The Six Most-Beloved Rush Concept Songs.

The article selects seven songs from Rush's catalogue as the 'most-beloved' including the title track from Clockwork Angels:
2012: Clockwork Angels: Rush’s first full-length concept album is a dense, churning work whose individual songs are relatively short but cohere into a 66-minute whole. The narrative, set in a steampunk alternate world, reflects Peart’s ongoing preoccupations with disillusionment, state control vs. individual freedom, and Don Quixote (the ballad Halo Effect brings to mind Quixote’s fascination with his ideal, Dulcinea). But overall, it’s more melodic than its predecessors, and it ends with the surprisingly reflective piece called The Garden. Here, the album’s hero hoes his own row, leaving others to fight their battles, and acknowledges, in a nod to David Foster Wallace’s epic novel, that “time is still the infinite jest.” According to Peart, “Only at my age can such wisdom be attained.”
Check out the entire article at this LINK.

Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for the news.


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