Geddy a Bit Giddy as Rush Hit 20

United Kingdom's The Star has just posted a new article/interview with Geddy Lee titled Geddy a Bit Giddy as Rush Hit 20. The '20' of course refers to the band's 20th studio album.

Here's an excerpt from the article:
“When we came back to recording we had a feel for how we were playing on tour so solidly in our mind we wanted to achieve that on the album. We felt we were really on top of our game on the last tour and hit a new level of interaction between the three of us. That was very much on our mind when we wrote the rest of the album. It was a reflection of what we had learned.”

And they didn’t skimp on content. At more than 66 minutes long, it is about double the length of early albums. Then this is a band that seek to create a musical event rather than a helping of music.

“We’re pretty long-winded and it’s hard to shut us up when we get going on something,” grins Geddy. “It just seemed this album had moments that needed fleshing out. We didn’t really watch the clock, not that we ever really watch it carefully.
Click HERE to read the entire article, which was written by David Dunn.


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