Rush Clockwork Angels Tour DVD Not Coming May 21st

Rush Clockwork Angels Tour
Earlier this week we reported that Rush's upcoming Live Concert DVD filmed during last year's Clockwork Angels tour would be released this coming May 21st. The original report came from MusicTap who just posted the following update/retraction:
If you’re a Rush fan and were all excited about the date I laid out for you for the upcoming Clockwork Angels DVD, then I owe you an apology. It would appear that the DVD (untitled as of this point), is NOT scheduled for May 21.

One of the dangers in running a site like this is a bad date feed. Release dates may find their way into your mailbox, often by trusted resources. Usually you can run with them. For example, the 2112 Deluxe reissue announcement, which proved to be true. I received the info about the DVD from the same source, however, today, from a more trusted source, I was told that the DVD does not have a release date in place. I was told that it would be made available, likely in the Fall of this year, corresponding to a train of logical thought that played out in many Rush forums, rightly so as it turns out.

So, once again, apologies to Rush fans all over who marked their calendars in anticipation of a new concert DVD. I promise to deliver the correct date as SOON as it is made available to me.
That's not to say that the DVD won't be released soon or even during the 2013 leg of the Clockwork Angels tour but until an official announcement from Rush themselves is released, we should treat all release date speculations as rumor.

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