Rush Nominated in Two Categories of PROG Magazine's Progressive Music Awards 2013

Vote for Rush - PROG Magazine 2013 Awards
PROG magazine has just announced the nominees for their second annual Progressive Music Awards:
Hello, and welcome to the voting site for the 2013 Progressive Music Awards. Prog Magazine has scoured the activity in the progressive genre for the past twelve months and come up with what we feel is a perfect representation of the top movers and shakers from which you can make your astute selections.
Rush are represented in two categories this year.

In the category of Grand Design, Rush's release of their 2112 Deluxe Edition was selected:
Rush’s 1976 masterpiece added turbo fuel to their career trajectory. Given the deluxe treatment with a new 5.1 mix this brand new version even came with its own graphic novel.
And, fittingly, Rush was also included in the category of Band of the Year:
They’ve been at the top of the rock pack for over 40 years now and Clockwork Angels and the ensuing world tour both proved they’re better than ever!
The Progressive Music Awards are determined by public votes, so be sure to register and vote for Rush!

Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for the news.


  1. I dunno, maybe it's just me and how easily annoyed I am by labels, but does anyone else here find the label "progressive" kind of a non sequitur? Am I splitting hairs when I say that a band's duty is, like any artist, to continuously expand their boundaries and explore new territories? To---progress? Not simply for their audience, but for themselves? The very term "progressive" seems to have become a word without substance. Yes, sadly many bands repeat the same old formula which worked on their first album and their second album, but many bands do not. To label Rush "progressive" just seems lazy. Why can't Rush simply be "rock"? I'll even accept "hard rock".

    Argue away, dear friends! Argue away! ;-)

    1. No argument here. All of these labels are so generic and over-used (you know, like 'Rock and Roll' for a certain Hall of Fame establishment) that, in the end, they become meaningless.

      Rush = Music. Let's leave it at that :)

  2. I was being lazy, too! ;-)


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