Rolling Stone's List of the 50 Best Live Acts Today Includes Rush at #39

Rush EuCon 2013
The latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (Issue #1189, August 15th) includes a feature titled "The Best Live Acts Now: The Greats and What Makes Them Great.". The list was compiled by a "panel of experts" and, surprisingly (given the source), Rush came in at the #39 spot.

While the print edition of the magazine (click HERE for a scan) simply lists Rush in the #39 spot, the online version of the article does include a write-up for the band:
39. Rush
Four decades into their career, Geddy, Alex and Neil still put on the same kind of incredible show that destroyed pot smoke-clogged arenas back in the Seventies, mixing oldies like "The Spirit of Radio" and "Subdivisions" big chunks of their excellent 2012 album Clockwork Angels. Neil Peart, now 60, remains the single greatest drummer alive and guitarist Alex Lifeson is almost as versatile and powerful as the dude sitting at the massive kit behind him. "Every song rates a standing ovation," says Metallica manager Cliff Burnstein.

Showstopper: Rush don't play a single song from the 1970s during their main set, but in the encore they bust out three sections of their 1976 magnum opus 2112.
Rounding out the top three on this list are The Rolling Stones (#3), Prince (#2) and (gasp) Bruce Springsteen (#1).

Thanks to Leslie Clark Baldwin for the news and Ed from RushIsABand for the article scan.


  1. Not sure how to respect this list (I remember when making "lists" on amazon was really popular, and I also remember thinking..."who cares what is on someone else's list") when Rush comes in at #39 and Wilco gets #12...Leonard Cohen gets #26...WTF? REALLY?

  2. More garbage from RS re. Rush.
    Springteen #1. I also seem to recall Springsteen being a top 50 guitarist of all time according to RS while Alex barely cracked the top 100. Obviously Jann Wenner's still hurting over Alex's brilliant acceptance speech at the RRHOF ceremony. Well I say Blah, blah, blah, etc to this bs list. Once again RS mag is doing it's best to jeopardize it's credibility.

  3. I was going to go into a diatribe but Anonymous beat me to it. I suggest this site no longer publish any info nor make any mention about RS. They pretty much suck at recognizing real talent and worthiness of real music and performances.
    Bruce Springsteen? Really? lmfao


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