Wish Them Well - Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Ends Tonight in Kansas City

Rush Clockwork Angels Tour
Update (August 5th): Click HERE for a great collection of photos from the final show in Kansas City.
It began on a warm September night in 2012 at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire. Rush took the stage for the first time, kicking off the world tour in support of Clockwork Angels, their critically-acclaimed concept album. And now, tonight, at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, it all comes to an end as the band prepares to take the stage for the final time on this tour.

In all, since that September night in New England, Rush have played 73 dates (including tonight and a brief performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies earlier this year). They've traveled throughout North America/Canada, headed across the "pond" for a number of dates in Europe and even played a handful of music festivals; a true rarity for Rush.

Throughout it all, at every city, the band was met by legions of fans; RUSH fans -- the most devoted fan base in the world, bar none. Their roars of approval fueling these three humble musicians, song after song, night after night. And even when things didn't go quite as planned, be it a rain-shortened show, a flooded venue or a technical gaff or three, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart brushed off each situation and continued to do what they do best - entertain while making "modern music".

Neil Peart once said that the only thing worse than touring is NOT touring. I suspect that sentiment was more reflective of Neil's feelings in the past than it is today. Based on the thousands of pictures taken by hundreds of fans across the globe during this tour, it seems evident that Neil along with his bandmates were genuinely having the absolute time of their life.

"Now it's come to this."

The end of the tour is upon Rush - and their fans. What lies ahead is truly the "Undiscovered Country" - the future. True to their form, the band has made absolutely no plans beyond this tour, save for the release of the Clockwork Angels Tour DVD as well as their next Box Set and Vapor Trails Remix all due later this year. The only plans they've truly made is to enjoy a well-deserved break.

Frankly, after all Rush has done for their fans over the years, I can see no better way of celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2014 by letting them take the year off. So join me in congratulating Rush on another successful tour; one that few fans will soon forget.

Wish them well until R41, or perhaps R42 is upon us.

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  1. They always said they wouldn't tour for the sake of touring. Hence the inclusion of Caravan and BU2B on the Time Machine Tour. I think the extended hiatus will include time for recording something new for the reason to tour once again. That is why we can't expect to see R40.

  2. My wife, 11 year old son and I saw them in Tinley Park, Illinois this tour. This was the first time that my wife saw them and for my son it was his first concert. My wife is rather phobic around crowds and my son is Autistic so convincing my wife to go to the show with me and also bringing my son took some convincing.

    I listen to Rush alot while driving in my car with my son so he is familiar with most of their music. While listening to Witch Hunt one day my son exclaimed from the back seat "Oooh...space music!" While the intro played. This really made me laugh because the first album I bought from them was Farewell To Kings when I was 12. I remember thinking the exact same thing as Cygnus X1 filled my ears for the first time.

    My wife is not a big fan but I would say that she tolerates Rush as she knows how much that I love them and there are songs that she truly does like such as Spirit Of Radio, Limelight and YYZ. The lattter I could never understand why she liked so much but she told me she really likes the drum playing on that song and as I am also a drummer she says that song reminds her of me. A huge compliments as I am a total amateur and possess percussive skills that are nowhere near Neil's.

    So when my wife finally agreed to go it was on the condition that I purchased seats in the last row with all three seats being aisle seats. The reasoning being that if my son became nervous or upset we had an easy exit to safer havens. Plus with my wife not being a huge fan of crowds it might make her feel less enclosed and claustrophobic.

    My son was a big variable in this adventure because my wife and I had absolutely no way to predict what his reaction would be to the stimuli of lights, sound, smell and so many people. We had both agreed before hand that if anything made him nervouse to the point of discomfort or if he asked to leave we would do so. My hope was that we would at least make it through the first set. My fear was that he would want to leave after one or two songs!

    When we arrived we bought my son a Rush t-shirt and as we headed to our seats we could hear the opening synth to Subdivisions signaling that the show had begun. We took our seats and I watched my son to gauge his reaction and be aware of any signs of distress. None were to be found as he had a huge smile on his face and seemed elated and maybe somewhat puzzled that the guys that make these songs he hears so often in my car were so small! Luckily I had brought my field binoculars with and gave them to him. Once focused I could here him say "Ohhhh" as if relieved to find that the members of Rush were not actually 12" tall.

    My son and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the show. My wife commeneted that she was amazed at how GOOD they sounded. As each song ended we clapped and cheeered wildly, showing our approval for songs well performed. We took some pictures of ourselves to commemerate the occasion and had a great evening with perfect summer weather combined with the awesome spectacle of sight and sound that is a Rush concert.

    Although my son absolutely enjoyed himself he asked to go home about 2/3 of the way through the second set. As per my wife and my pre show agreement we haeded for the exit and left with me slightly disappointed at missing The Garden and my wife disappointed at missing YYZ. As we headed to the car I realized that my son had made it through two hours of the show which was more than I hoped or expected that he would be able to tolerate.

    We left the show happy and satisfied with my wife showing our son the photos that we had taken during the show. I just want to say thank you to Geddy, Alex and Neil for providing the background to a perfect family night out! While apprehensive at first my wife commented that she was glad she decided to go and would love to see them again. Of course when I asked my son if he would like to see Rush again he exclaimed "Yeah" in that tone that makes the answer seem as if the question itself is absurd.

    1. What a great story - thank you for sharing!

  3. 'There came a moment in the middle of the song when we suddenly felt every heartbeat in the room & after that we never forgot we were part of something much bigger.'

    Well done, men. Enjoy your hard earned vaykay!

  4. I really hope they don't have a greatest hits tour. 10 years and three albums is not enough. And CA is great but I want something more, something down to earth.

  5. Alex stated last month that an r-40 tour is already in the planning stages. They're just fine they don't need a full year off.


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