Clockwork Angels Inspired Fine Art Print Coming Soon

Clockwork Angels Inspired Fine Art Print Coming Soon
Graham Whieldon, the UK based digital artist who has created some stunning Rush-inspired fine art over the past several years has announced a new project - one that centers around Rush's Clockwork Angels album. Graham's announcement came via his website at
The final image will be set in Chronos Square and will include my take on many aspects from the Clockwork Angels album, as well as including a few nods to previous albums, songs and references. The scene will be divided into three separate themes: The Temple of the Timekeepers, The carnival Midway, and The Anarchist. Like the songs in the album, each image will stand alone as a picture in its own right, but together will form a large panorama. Alex, Geddy and Neil will each appear as characters, as hopefully will a lucky few who pledge during the Kickstarter phase to have their faces custom painted into the scene as the Anarchist or the Acrobat!

Eventually I want to make the prints available individually as limited editions or as one very limited edition giant scroll, possibly on canvas or vellum. The custom face prints will be an edition of one, for a very limited number of pledgers only.
To date, Graham has created and released fine-art prints based on The Fountain of Lamneth, Red Barchetta, 2112 and By-Tor and the Snowdog, all of which can be viewed and purchased at

We'll have more news on this exciting project as it becomes available.

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