Rush Fan Stories Book Coming Soon...

Rush Fan Stories
A new Rush book currently being developed will focus not on the band, but on the fans -- and Rush fans the world over at being asked to contribute their stories.

From the Rush Fan Stories website:
Would you like to contribute to a forthcoming book about Rush fans? We're coming up on Rush's 40th anniversary. What better way to thank them for 40 years, 20 studio albums, 8 live albums, 37 music videos, 10 video albums, and 165 songs, then to tell them exactly what they've meant to you and how they've affected your life.

Fans of all types are desired to share their Rush stories with the rest of the world. Consider this your place to brag about what you've got, what you've done, and how lucky (and thankful!) you are. If you consider yourself a superfan, this book would probably not be complete without you. You are especially desired for additional information if:

  • you've been attending Rush concerts since the 1970s
  • you've attended more than 25 Rush concerts
  • you've attended more than 10 Rush concerts in a single tour
  • you have an extensive Rush collection or items that are rare
  • you've attended more than one RushCon
  • you attended the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony from out-of-state
  • you play or have played in a Rush tribute band
  • you are an publisher who's also a Rush fan
  • you know of someone who falls into one or more of these categories
  • In order to get the ball rolling on this project, the publisher is asking Rush fans to take a brief survery. For more information and to fill in the survey, please visit the Rush Fan Stories website.


    1. Is it just me or does this seem completely...unnecessary? It smacks of hero worship. Rush has been my number one band since the late 70's, and I have never missed a tour since Signals, but doing more than one show per tour (to say nothing of 10 or more) (I said it anyway) really is bananas. I mean, do whatever makes you happy, people, seriously, but I really am not interested in reading about it. Not trying to be a party pooper or anything, but reading someone else's reminiscences or thoughts on ANY band would bore the ever loving crap out of me.

    2. There are many stories out there in terms of a Rush fan's make up. I know that mine is unique in that I've only become a diehard fan in the last 14 months. This band was introduced to me by my late hisband's best friend as a healing tool in my grief journey. Five Clockwork Angel shows, one meet and greet, and one Rock Hall Induxtion later, and I'm not only unbored, but is love to hear how all the other fans out there have come to know and love these guys. Give it a chance. You may be surprised. Respect and peace to you and yours.

      1. (second attempt to post) Sherri, I think it's wonderful that Rush helped you in your time of need. And even though I have my own Rush stories, I am not at all interested in reading about them, let alone anyone else's, especially if I had to pay to do so. But, like I said, you should do what makes you happy.

    3. Like I said, do whatever makes you happy, just as I do. I'm delighted that Rush has been of such help in your healing process. I'm sure there are many more out there like you. But that's your story, and---no offense---I can't imagine paying money to read it. Maybe if it involved a daring rooftop helicopter escape or as inspiration to cure insomnia, then maybe. ;-)


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