Rush Ranks #35 on Billboard's List of 2013's Top Money Makers

Billboard Ranks 2013 Top Money Makers - Rush #35
As they do every year, Billboard has just released a list of Music's Top 40 Money Makers of 2013, which includes concert revenues as well as sales of albums, singles, videos and more.

Coming in at #35 on the list was Rush with earnings of $9,050,583.42 during the year. Not a bad amount considering they only performed in 37 shows during the year.

The list was topped by Taylor Swift, who earned a whopping $39.7M during the year. Rush wasn't the only rock outfit to make the list, which was littered with plenty of pop and hip-hop acts. Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones came in at the #4 and #5 spots respectively while Fleetwood Mac's 2013 World Tour landed them in the #10 spot.

Click HERE to see who else made the list.


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