Modern Rock Review Feature: The Rush Story

The Story of Rush
The Modern Rock Review website has just posted an extensive feature on Rush. The profile includes two multi-part articles, two editorial articles, and a discography.
There has never been a rock band like Rush. They are three modest and unassuming men who have each excelled deep into the realms of virtuosity with their respective instruments. They have a single guitarist, Alex Lifeson, who plays any style imaginable and often switches instruments mid-song to replicate the original feel of the song. They have a singer lead singer, Geddy Lee who often plays at least two other instruments while singing. They rarely harmonize and almost never produce anything in the studio that they can’t reproduce on stage. And then there is Peart, loves to come up with mathematical formulas to make multiple time signatures fit and is considered by many (if not most) to be the finest drummer who ever sat behind a set. Together, these three have jived together like no other before them and will likely not ever have adequate company in the stratospheric category that they call their own.
Check out the entire feature via this LINK.

Thanks to Ric Albano, editor of the Modern Rock Review for passing along the link.


  1. I only read a part of it, I just couldn´t continue. I hate those comments like ``Muddle synthezised music/Preachy lyrics. OMG! What´s wrong with those who cannot understand that Rush has the right to experiment as they did and that they´ve always managed to deliver high-spirited music. If Time Stand Still isn´t a touching song, then the one who belives that is half alive, what can I say ?

  2. Couldn't agree more, C!

  3. Rush are the ultimate band, there are so many people who don't understand what they are about, thats ok, we do.


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