Profile on Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson: How These Local Legends Influenced Rock Music

Geddy Lee Alex Lifeson
PostCity.Com, a Toronto-based news organization, has posted two short profiles on Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, reflecting how they've influenced the local Rock scene in Toronto, and beyond.
Geddy Lee
Geddy is around, which makes him doubly interesting and important. The streets are his and his band’s, but instead of moving into a Scottish castle or gated Florida Key or Umbrian monastery, he and Alex remain in Toronto (Neil only occasionally remains). In this regard, musicians young and old will come across him in the fullness of the Ontario light and think to themselves, “He stayed, so can I. I’m not going anywhere, dammit.” And so they do.

Alex Lifeson
On Saturdays, we’d escape to the small rooms at the back of the strip mall music store, where ’70s stoner music teachers showed us what we were doing right — or wrong: we were mostly wrong — and how Alex had actually kerranged when we’d keblanged; how he’d finger-pulled when we’d finger-pushed.

They were epic, those licks, and so, an army of guitarists — some great, some terrible, but most of us in between — were made. When the great God of the Les Paul — or the white Gibson doubleneck, coolest axe ever — leaves us, his tombstone should have a motion sensor so, when you approach to pay your respects, the riff to “Closer to the Heart” tickles the air.
Click HERE to read the entire profile on Geddy. Click HERE for the profile on Alex.

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