Neil Peart Discusses Moving Pictures on CBC's Strombo

Neil Peart on Strombo
It was back on March 19th when we first reported that Neil Peart made a rare appearance on the CBC talk-show Strombo which was formerly called The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. Though taped in March, the episode isn't expected to formerly air on the CBC until June 17th. However one segment of the video interview is now available ONLINE and features Neil Peart breaking down Rush's classic Moving Pictures, track by track:
The Rush drummer breaks down the band's classic album 'Moving Pictures', track-by- track...

'That was an important time musically and a great time for the three of us in terms of having a good time and sharing our goals and making music,' he says about the recording of the album, originally released in 1981. 'There was nothing self-indulgent or so-called pretentious about it. It was true boyish enthusiasm that was involved in creating all those things. We were progressing and learning and developing taste at the same time.'

Rush is playing 'Moving Pictures' in its entirety on its current Time Machine Tour. 'We still like to play these songs,' says Peart, 'and we're still proud of them.'
The entire video interview should be available online shortly after it airs on the CBC on June 17th.

Click HERE to view the 15-minute video segment that's available now.

Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for alerting us to the news.

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