Rush Named Best Live Act of 2011

Rush Named Best Live Act of 2011
Planet Rock recently conducted a poll asking readers to select, among other categories, the best Live Act of 2011. Coming out on top was, of course, Rush :-)
Rush have got nothing left to prove. Their devoted fan base will turn out to see them whenever they can, and their albums will always sell. After nearly 40 years in the business you would think that they might be starting to rest on their laurels.


The Time Machine Tour 2011 may be their best live show for two decades, and that's saying something because most of their other tours have been pretty damn special too.

A three hour set included two songs from their forthcoming album, Clockwork Angels, some of their greatest hits, oh, and the WHOLE OF MOVING PICTURES, all played to perfection.

If you saw Rush this year then than none of this comes as a surprise. The likelihood is that the show you saw is your favourite show of the year. We know this because that's what EVERYONE says who managed to catch one of the band's gigs in 2011.

Exhilarating, remarkable, spectacular... none of these words can quite capture what makes a Rush concert so special, but one thing is for certain - if you missed the band this time round then you seriously missed out.
Thanks to RushFanForever for passing along the news.


  1. Since Rush was the only show I saw last year it is subjective of me to state the following. I have seen them all from Zep to the Who to Skynyrd in the 70's and the show last summer at the Gorge was the best live act I have ever seen. When Ged said awesome at the end that was the kicker. It was!

  2. I seriously don't know how anyone could compete with this trio. They are truly magical in concert.

  3. Having seen Zep the Who and Skynyrd in the 70's I must say that the show last summer at the Gorge was the best concert I have seen in my life. When Ged said at the end of the show "This was awesome, that said it all. It was! Jim in Seattle

  4. I have a serious feeling about Clockwork Angels. If it turns out to be as epic as say even Hemispheres, then Rush will go down as likely the greatest rock band of all time.

  5. I was fortunate to see the Time Machine Tour two times – the first in D.C. and the second in Baltimore. Both shows were fantastic, period. Rush concerts are beyond compare.

  6. Personally, I saw them twice on the last Tour. Aug.2010 in Was. State and 2011 Vancouver.
    I've viewed Rush live 15 times in show. They are absolutely fabulous! No one on the planet can measure up.
    I just hope for many more tours to come.

  7. I also have a serious feeling about Clockwork Angels.....and that is, that it will be their last album.....I am in no way excited about the prospect. If Neil intends this to be his best work "both lyrically and drumistically"..there is no going up.....and that will be that for them/him.
    Also there is baby Olivia......he is not going to tour his life away.....anymore
    Maybe I'm wrong.....I hope I am..

  8. Don't get too excited...
    This could well be the last studio album, but the Fab. Trio is gonna tour for many years to come. They are well aware of our Rush needs.


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