New Information on Rush "Sectors" Box Set Production Problems

Rush: Sectors Box Sets Coming November 21st
As we reported earlier this month, Rush had formally acknowledged the fact that there were some production problems on two of the discs contained in the "Sectors" Box Set; specifically from the Fly By Night CD and the A Farewell to Kings 5.1 DVD. According to a representative from SRO/Anthem, Rush/Universal are in the process of setting up an 800 number where customers will be able to get the corrected discs. Note that only the two flawed discs will be replaced and not the entire box sets. Specific information on how to exchange the flawed discs will be up on (as well as here) once the discs are ready for shipment.

In light of these two confirmed issues with the box set, the SRO/Anthem representative had this to say about other reported issues:
Please be assured that once the technical issue was found, the entire Sectors masters were revisited (again). Rich Chycki had good time revisiting By-Tor on All The Worlds A Stage, and the listeners are correct that 'a sound' appears midway through the song. Like the studio version, that is the sound of ByTor-- a phase shifty type of angry animal sound that pops in and out around Alex's guitar solo. It's identical to the original vinyl version. There is no technical issue.

We know Rush fans in particular appreciate that the product being released now is the highest resolution to date, and that can reveal details that weren't apparent previously as well as revealing limitations of past media formats. I'm sure that fans appreciate that the masters are simply not recycled but fully re-transferred and remastered and will enjoy the differences in the products.
We'll have more information as it becomes available. Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for sharing the news.

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  1. The 3 box sets have many other problems that are not recognized. In my box sets, I noticed the following problems:
    1)FBN cd and AFTK dvd has the known issues;
    2)Power Windows cd doesn't work on my car stereo and Signals cd has problems too;
    3)Signals inside printing has "Countdown" title missing;
    4)On Hemispheres there's no track 2 (only a numbering problem on the cd).

    A 800 number is ok but for those living outside US or Canada?

  2. This is all very interesting, but what were the problems to begin with?

  3. The issue on FBN related to Beneath, Between, Behind. About 7 seconds in, the audio drops out slightly -- almost switching stereo sides in a way... Very slight issue, but noticeable if you are wearing headphones or listening on a system with significant stereo separation. Until I actually listened for this issue, knowing where to look, I never noticed it. It's that slight under 'normal' listening conditions (I'm sure I'll hear some gripes on that comment) :)

    I have yet to identify the issue on AFTK however I'm just assuming it's something similar.

  4. I got all 3 sectors for Christmas. A new twist. The CD for A Show Of Hands is missing. The mini Album cover is in the box. But no CD.


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