Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - September 2013 - "Drummer With a Singletrack Mind"

Neil Peart Website Update:
The September 2013 update for Neil Peart's "News, Weather, and Sports" website blog is an expanded piece based on an article Neil wrote during the European leg of Rush's Clockwork Angels tour back in May, 2013 for a British motorcycling periodical.

Titled "Drummer With a Singletrack Mind", Neil introduces it with the following caption:
[This story was written during our Clockwork Angels European tour in May, 2013, for a British motorcycling weekly. They asked for about 700 words and a photo or two, and I gave them 1,700 words, and eight photos. They said they would run it like that, but took a few liberties—not so much with the text, but perhaps because the story was part of an “adventure touring” issue, they replaced Brutus’s and my iconic U.K. photos with more exotic images from a previous tour in South America.

That’s fine, for their purposes, but not for mine—trying to share an experience as deeply as I can. So I decided to present it here in its original form, which would also fill a gap in the tour’s documentation, before the “Shunpikers in the Shadowlands” story about Continental Europe.

I will retract the British spellings, for consistency (and personal taste), but keep the “cultural references,” for fun.

As recounted elsewhere, while writing this story I consulted an experienced British motorcyclist about whether riders and readers over there would know the word “shunpiking.” He said they wouldn’t, so I redefined it here.

Our previously-informed readers may feel free to skim over that part . . . ]
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