Rush's Vapor Trails Remix Streaming Online at Rolling Stone Magazine

Rush Vapor Trails Remix
The release of Rush's remixed version of Vapor Trails is set for September 30th however Rolling Stone Magazine is now streaming the entire album online.

From the article:
"...Lee came to this realization not long after the record came out, but there was little he could do to fix the situation. "It's a terrible feeling that, due to lack of objectivity, you let an imperfect piece of work get out there," he says. "But the songs are very strong and people really responded to the record and people were welcoming us back. The sonic defects of it got lost in the excitement of the band's return to functionality. It's always been a bee in my bonnet."

Eleven years after the album came out, Rush fixed the situation by hiring producer David Bottrill to remix the album. "He understood what it should sound like," he says, "so I'm very pleased with the end result. I think he's finally brought some completion and some justice to some of those songs we'd put so much of our heart and soul into."

The remixed version of Vapor Trails hits shelves on September 30th, but you can hear a stream of it here first.
You can pre-order Vapor Trails Remix at the following LINK.

Thanks to Alykhan Meherally for the news.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, John! Had a listen on my work's different: cleaner, Bottrill (like Chycki on the original 'One Little Victory' and 'Earthshine' remixes) finds things that were buried under all those layers, but some of the songs have lost their original emotion and intensity ('Peaceable Kingdom' no longer hits you over the head). A few listens on the JBL system in my truck may change my statement on that, I hope! Like anything, I may find I prefer the original of some and the new version of others, but they are ALL ours to enjoy. Cheers!

  2. I was so psyched to hear this news ... the mastering always felt wrong, and I couldn't listen to the album as much as I have all the others. And the fact that it bothers them so much that the sounds wasn't up to their standards, endears me to the band even more (if that's at all possible.) I got goose bumps as soon as I heard how open and clean the mix is, via the Rolling Stone link.

    I ordered mine already and I can't wait to fire it up in the WRX.


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