The Spirit of Rush Fanzine Archive - Now Online

The Spirit of Rush Fanzine
I'm proud to announce a new, exclusive feature to Cygnus-X1.Net - the official and complete archive of the The Spirit of Rush Fanzine. The Spirit of Rush was launched back in 1987 and ran for over fifteen years. In over sixty published issues, the fanzine brought Rush news, articles, reviews, concert updates, fan art, exclusive band interviews and so much more to fans around the globe.

Over the past month or so, I've been working with a previous contributor as well as a co-editor of the fanzine, both who graciously allowed me to not only borrow all of the issues of the fanzine, but also scan and publish them online. To begin with, the first ten issues of the fanzine are available now at the new Spirit of Rush Archive Page. Moving forward, new issues will be published in chronological order at the rate of approximately one a week.

As the members of Rush are taking their well-earned break as they - and we - head into the band's 40th anniversary next year, I thought it fitting to highlight the passion Rush fans have had throughout their career. The Spirit of Rush fanzine was without question the epitome of Rush fandom back in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. I hope you enjoy this special look back at the history of Rush from a fans-eye view.

Very special thanks to Monica Zimmerman and Janet Balmer for their generosity, support and encouragement in bringing this archive online.

To learn more about The Spirit of Rush and to access the archive, please click HERE.


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