Neil Peart of Rush: The World’s Audience (The Interview)

Neil Peart of Rush: The World’s Audience (The Interview)
Neil Peart appears on the cover of the December 2014 issue of Rockcellar Magazine. Inside the issue is a lengthy interview with the Rush percussionist titled Neil Peart of Rush: The World’s Audience (The Interview). The topics covered include Neil's newest book Far & Near, the Clockwork Angels graphic novel, writing and more.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:
RCM: How are decisions made in Rush?

NP: Something I always say about a band of three, especially like us, is we can’t be a democracy. You can’t have two against one. It’s never going to work it, has to be consensus. You have to keep working on something and then it goes back to something we talked about a little while earlier, you have to keep plugging away. We’ve had songs that the two of us like and the other one doesn’t.

RCM: Do you enjoy revisiting both your first books and early Rush albums?

NP: Well, with my first book, The Masked Rider, yes, I can still live with it. Musically, I’m more satisfied with more recent work and still enjoy contemplating it. I’m more forgiving now where I have emotional appreciation for the older works.

I remember at the time we made it, again our motives were always pure, so I can look at that now and I know we were trying our best. And at worst, I feel a smile rather than a twinge, because it’s maybe an embarrassment of how naive we were.
You can read the entire interview at this LINK.


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