New Fender Guitar Interview with Geddy Lee: What Makes Rush So Unique?

New Fender Guitar Interview with Geddy Lee: What Makes Rush So Unique?
Geddy Lee discusses how things have changed for Rush over the years in a new interview posted by Fender Guitars titled What Makes Rush So Unique?.

From the interview:
"...perhaps, the most refreshing thing about Rush is that 40 plus years in, these men still have a deep dedication to each other and a “Three Musketeers” one for all, all for one mentality not found by many of their counterparts who are often wrecked by in-fighting. If one person doesn’t want to tour or record an album, then Rush simply waits.

“You spend 40 years with the same people and all of our heart and our sweat and our personalities goes into the music that we make,” Lee explained. “It’s also a friendship —a collaborative kind of club that we are doing this and this is our thing, together. It’s connected to the personalities, it’s connected to the human beings. It’s not something anyone can step into and it will be a thing. It is the thing that is dependent on the three people who are in the band, and were one to leave or not want to play anymore, you couldn’t just replace that person with some other person; It’s going to change the chemistry. It’s going to change the dynamics, and as such, it would be a different band.

“Rush as I see it, is as an identifiable living thing dependent and interdependent and connected to the three goofs that are in that band, and that’s how it will remain.”
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