Countdown to R40: Rush Have Arrived in Tulsa!

Alex Lifeson Talks About Rush's R40 Tour in New InterviewAlex Lifeson Talks About Rush's R40 Tour in New Interview
One week from tonight, Rush will take the stage at the Tulsa Bok Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma to launch their 34-city/35-date "R40 Live 40th Anniversary Tour" and, based on some sightings, it appears the band has arrived, at least in part, in Tulsa.

Yesterday, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson were spotted at the Tulsa International Airport (photo courtesy of Lynn Hernadez) while Neil's tour motorcycle is reportedly ready and waiting for him in Tulsa as well (photo courtesy of Jim Sotelo).

Ever since the announcement of this tour, there has been wide-ranging speculation on the set-list and the general arrangement of the show. Will the band touch upon every album in their catalog, or will they focus on their early years? Will their be another medley to introduce the show, similar to the R30 Overture, or will they stay true to each song. If this is truly their "last big tour", will they go out with a bang, or play it safe? So many questions, so many theories, and they will all be answered in one week.

As we have in the past, the set list for this tour will be revealed LIVE as is happens and posted directly on this page. We'll also be sharing photos from every show (contact me if you would like to share you pics) and more news as it happens.

If this is truly Rush's last big tour, then let's make sure we savor every moment and let the band know how thankful we all are for 40+ years of music, magic, and everlasting memories.

On to Tulsa...

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  1. 'Livin on Tulsa Time' !!! We R Ready Countdown....

  2. Man oh man.
    Can't wait for the set list.

  3. Waiting anxiously for The Palace of Auburn Hills show on June 14th...

  4. It's hard to believe that Pittsburgh isn't on this tour. Road trip, I guess.

  5. Bring on the set list Down here in Ozzy it's already Friday night .We'er going to L.A.


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