Geddy Lee on 40 years of Rush - A.V. Club

Geddy Lee on 40 years of Rush - A.V. Club
The A.V. Club, an entertainment website published by The Onion, has just posted a new interview with Geddy Lee. Titled Geddy Lee on 40 years of Rush, the interview has Geddy looking back across Rush's vast catalog of music where selects some of his favorites.

From the interview:
AVC: What’s it like with a shorter instrumental? For example, “Malignant Narcissism” sticks out as one of Rush’s shortest songs. How or when did you know it was finished?

GL: We were doing that in at Allaire Studios in upstate New York near Woodstock. It was another one of those residential studios. It was a beautiful old house that had been converted into a fantastic recording studio. We had a lot of stuff done for the album and we kept talking about what’s missing, is there something we need? And our producer was pushing us to do something live off the floor in the studio, something really spontaneous, and I had just taken delivery of this Jaco Pastorius tribute bass, where Fender had made an exact replica of his fantastic fretless jazz bass and it had just arrived and I was dying to play it. I get really restless between vocal takes so I was doing vocals and in between takes I was playing with my new toy, my bass, and the producer was listening through my vocal mic to what I was playing and he was recording it in sort of a stealth way. [Laughs.] After I finished the vocals he said, “Listen to what you were playing in between vocal takes,” and he played me back the main riff of that song and said, “Why don’t you take that and get Neil and go live on the floor and start jamming to it and see what happens.” It was the same kind of deal where Alex wasn’t around for some reason, so Neil and I went in the studio on our own and started laying the track down, and then Alex came in and added his stuff to it afterward, and it just became a real spontaneous moment in the studio.
You can read the entire interview at this LINK.


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