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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Neil Peart Talks Retirement in a new Drumhead Magazine Interview

Neil Peart Talks Retirement in a new Drumhead Magazine Interview
Update (12/08/2015): Donna Halper has just commented on the rumor of Neil Peart's retirement:
"I love a good rumor as much as anyone, but here's what I know regarding Neil and his retirement. He does not want to tour any more, for a number of reasons (health, wanting to be with his family). So yes, in that sense, he has retired. But he is open to getting together with Alex & Geddy at some future point to create some new music. Nothing has been decided about where or when. That's the only news I can share at this point in time. If I have more, I'll be happy to let everyone know."
Thank you, Donna :-)
Update (12/07/2015): The complete article is now online and can be read at this LINK.
The December 2015 issue of Drumhead Magazine includes an interview with Neil Peart where the Rush drummer "reflects on 50 years of hitting things with sticks."

In a couple of passages, Peart also touches upon the fact that he now considers himself retired:
"Lately Olivia has been introducing me to new friends at school as "My dad--He's a retired drummer." True to say--funny to hear.

"And it does not pain me to realize that, like all athletes, there comes a time to... take yourself out of the game. I would rather set it aside than face the predicament described in our song "losing it" ("Sadder still to watch it die, than never to have known it")"

The magazine is also holding a "Neil Peart Tour Package Contest" where one lucky winner will receive six pairs of drum sticks, a "Time Machine" snare, and 2 Paragon cymbals.

We'll have the complete transcription of this article as well as additional details of the contest available in the coming days.

Many thanks to Joe Pesch for sharing the news.


  1. Maybe she can change his mind. But, I am a realist. It is more than likely over.

  2. Well, words we never wanted to hear

  3. Alex and Geddy are having a hard time accepting it as well. You can hear the hope and slight frustration in their interviews. My guess is solo album for Geddy is next.

  4. Straight from the horses mouth. I'm grateful to have seen them last Summer in Vancouver.
    What a show!

  5. Im happy for Neil. He overcome events in his life that would have destroyed many. Loves his family..give him that. I am grateful for the contribution that
    he along with Alex and Geddy gave to the music world. Let it be.

  6. Retired or not, till he passes away he will be the greatest living drummer!

  7. It was inevitable...he's played through the pain for's a physical instrument and he puts alot of himself into it. We'll always be grateful for the many years of awe inspiring music.

  8. Let's see. Let him enjoy retirement. Some folks can't stand retirement, and get back into things. I can't imagine he'll never play drums again, even in the coziest of retirement situations. He will always play. And that basic fact gives me hope that, at least, we'll see another album. Touring, not so sure, but I'd be fine if they never toured again as long as there are more albums to enjoy.

    1. I agree with that.

    2. I'm selfish. I always thought they would announce this is the last tour type of thing. Not this maybe yes maybe no stuff. Neil should have been more honest pre tour if this reality. So much for a final Cleveland show...

  9. Good for him!! They've generously given us so much of their lives

  10. He has had a long and productive career. Its his right to retire. If Geddy and Alex form another band with a different drummer i would welcome it.

  11. He has had a long and productive career. Its his right to retire. If Geddy and Alex form another band with a different drummer i would welcome it.

    1. Yes... key words being "another band"....they could take Mel's suggestion: a new drummer, a few other members (maybe some horns) and add a little more 'pop' to their sound.

    2. There's no way on earth Rush would ever play without Neil. If he's indeed done, then unfortunately so is the band.

  12. Not sure I want to LIKE this. But Neil has had an amazing career. Better to go out on top!

  13. Neil Peart is the greatest living drummer and respected lyricist of any band period! I'm very happy to say like many others that RUSH is the soundtrack to my life! Happy Retirement Neil you have certainly earned it!

  14. definitely words that we would expect to hear someday but always hard to accept. I think we all understand, it´s a whole life giving his body a hard life, it hurts, but we understand.
    As someone said, he has lived things in life that many others would never survive, a lot of respect as a human as a musician.
    He will always be the best. And 3 times seen them is not enough, damn, so sad, but wish him all the best in this new stage of his life!

  15. Good for you Neil, enjoy life, your wife and daughter and thank you for 40+ years of music, lyrics and inspiration.

  16. Not surprising, but I'm still holding onto hope that Geddy & Alex can convince him to do the 'resident band' idea. 5 shows in NY, 5 in YYZ, 5 in LA. We go to them instead of a tour.

  17. Sad to read. Totally understand. Hopefully, he continues to write.

  18. I guess we can expect more books from him then.

  19. THANK YOU Neil for 40 plus years of amazement!! Retirement is a very personal decision (of course you of all people know this) and should not be influenced by anyone or anything. I understand as I just chose to retire myself at a relatively early age after searching my soul for the decision. Best to you and yours and again, thank you for your dedication to your many crafts!!

  20. On the one hand, It's sad to think Rush isn't going to be making any more albums or playing more shows. The R40 tour was amazing.

    At the same time, truth be told, I love Rush for the material they put out prior to Grace Under Pressure. In my opinion their music took a major nose dive with Signals and I have up hope they'd ever make an album as good as those before Signals after Power Windows came out.

    Snakes and Arrows and Clockwork Angels were both a lot better than anything they made since Signals but still not particularly good albums in my opinion.

    The R40 tour was great though since more than half of the setlist were Terry Brown era classics.

    But it's doubtful if they did another tour, in support of a new album as opposed to an anniversary tour, that they would've played a lot of their old songs again anyway.

    So I'm not saddened by their breaking up because I think they had another great album or had another chance to sees them play rare old school classics; it's just sad that they're not still out there. I liked the idea that they were still plugging away, even though I really haven't particularly liked their post Terry Brown material.

  21. A sad day when they hang up their gear, but I have every record, every song, every word, every verse & chorus, every memory,
    but still...

    Freeze this moment
    A little bit longer
    Make each sensation
    A little bit stronger
    Experience slips away.

    Summer's going fast
    Nights growing colder
    Children growing up
    Old friends growing older
    Experience slips away.

    Time. Stand. Still.


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