MusicExpress Reports Rush "Committed to at Least One More Studio Project"

MusicExpress Reports Rush Committed to at Least One More Studio Project
As many publications have been doing over the past few days, MusicExpress has also commented on the news/rumor regarding Neil Peart's retirement and the possible 'end' of Rush. Refuting the news entirely and citing a comment made by Andy Curran, the general manager of Ole, the U.S based company which had just purchased the band’s Anthem/SRO Entertainment operation earlier this year, it now appears that Rush is expected to produce at least one more studio album.

From the article:
Rush members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson have been quick to downplay published rumours that long-time drummer and the band’s chief lyricist, Neil Peart had announced his retirement from the group.

Ole general manager, Andy Curran, speaking for the U.S based company which had just purchased the band’s Anthem/SRO Entertainment operation, offered a curt “It’s just a rumour as far as I know” in response to coverage from The Toronto Star and other news media. Curran confirmed that Rush has a live recording and concert film of their R40 tour scheduled for release and the band is committed to at least one more studio project.
On Monday, Rush was over. On Tuesday, everyone breathed a sigh of release. Today, we might have a new studio album in the future. I wonder what tomorrow will bring :)

Many thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the article.


  1. I feel for Neil, and I am sure he will help honor the commitment, so I suspect after the next album, they'll call it quits. Let them go out on a high note.

  2. R40 was definitely a high note! We also have to remember Neil told Alex & Geddy to "consider him retired" at Selena's funeral in 1997, so there's that. Maybe the itch will strike somewhere down the road, even if it's just a studio album. We'll take whatever we get....never say never, right?

  3. A residency at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, for however many shows, awaits somewhere down the road. They mentioned it themselves, and they've played there before. It worked for the Allman Brothers at the Beacon for many years. It eliminates the rigors of a tour, and band members could have their families with them for that short amount of time. Let's hope.

  4. If the end is here then I hope they do a Kubrick on the "final" album. Milk the hell out of it as art. No pressure, no rush, Pink Floyd pacing, and no radio spirit songs

  5. I don't have any chances to see them live but I'd always be ready to buy another Rush studio album. Take the time you need, lads. Do what you need to. We're here.


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