Q&A with Rush "Starman" and Graphic Artist Hugh Syme

Q&A with Rush
During the first decade of Rush's career, the band's long-time producer, Terry Brown, was often considered the 'fourth' member of Rush. If that's true, then graphic artist Hugh Syme, who has been responsible for virtually all of Rush's album artwork since 1975's Caress of Steel must certainly be considered Rush's fifth member.

Several months back, Syme released his incredible coffee table book The Art of Rush where he explained the creative process behind each of Rush's album covers and the artwork within. Now, UDiscoverMusic.com has posted an in-depth interview with Syme where the discussion centers around the artist's favorite album artwork, the challenges he's had in interpreting Rush's lyrical message, his artistic inspirations, and more.

From the interview:
What’s the history behind the “Starman” emblem? What made you come up with it?

The evolution of the star and man was Neil’s and mine’s first true collaboration. He simply described the Red Star Of The Solar Federation as being all that is contrary to free thought and creativity, and the man as our hero. I simply combined the two. Never was this intended to be the band’s brand or logo, with such a strong and enduring association with all things Rush.
You can check out the entire article via this LINK.


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