Drummer Neil Peart's Body is a Finely Tuned Instrument

Rush's Neil Peart
The Los Angeles Times has just posted an interesting article/interview with Neil Peart where the discussion centers around his fitness regiment and how he's able to keep up the stamina required to tour and perform with Rush:
If you're a good drummer, it's a physically demanding job. To be the greatest, you must follow a training regimen that goes beyond the lighted stage.

A recent reader's poll in Rolling Stone magazine proclaimed my fellow Canadian Neil Peart of Rush to be the greatest living drummer, and I, many drum magazines and TV's "Family Guy" agree. Accordingly, I endeavored to snag an interview with a man who rarely gives interviews. I wanted to discover how a rocker — a career not known for promoting health or longevity — can keep his body a skin-smashing machine after 37 years in the same rock trio giving calorie-combusting concert performances that would blow the lumbar discs and ventricles of lesser men.

Getting to meet Peart might be cool too.
A very interesting read for Rush and fitness fans alike. Check out the entire article at this LINK.


  1. I remember the Farewell to Kings album jacket. The pic of all three Geddy sitting and Alex and Neil standing in the background. Neil's forearms are bulging with veinery. Quite the pic.
    This was where and when I solidified my allegeance to Rush.

  2. Peart smokes, so he MUST be a hell of an athlete to perform so superhumanly.

  3. He did smoke. They all did.
    I think only Alex still does. For sure Geddy quit, and I think Neil did as well.

  4. Im not sure of Alex, but indeed geddy & neil quitted smoking a long ago. They did quit between the 80s. Im almost sure that i heard it in the beyond stage extras in the 2nd dvd

  5. no, if you have read any of neil's books, when on the road he does smoke a bit, usually at the end of a long day of riding

  6. How about who cares?? When you are the Drum God, you can do whatever you want.


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