Rush Close Out the Time Machine Tour - Look Towards the Future

Rush Time Machine Tour 2011
Update: Click HERE for a photo gallery from the Seattle concert.
Last night, Rush took the stage for the final time in 2011, drawing a close to the two-year long Time Machine tour at the scenic Gorge Amphitheater outside of Seattle, Washington. Throughout the two-year tour, Rush played 83 shows across North and South America as well as Europe.

And though the tour may now be just a memory, it shouldn't be long before we can relive it with the Time Machine DVD; a concert filmed on April 15th in Cleveland. The DVD is expected to be released on September 27th.

For more memories of the tour, you can check out the Time Machine Tour Gallery featuring well over 1,000 pictures from over 30 venues.

With the tour now over, and after a well-deserved break, Rush will turn its attention to (finally) completing Clockwork Angels; their long-anticipated 20th studio album. Geddy has recently been quoted in saying that he "hopes" to have the album finished before Christmas (presumably Christmas 2011) :) with a world-tour supporting the album next year.

Time will tell.

One this is certain, the Rush Caravan will certainly thunder onward.

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  1. Saw them June 30th in Vancouver. Unbelievable show!
    The chicken and the gorilla was a hillarious addition.
    Wow! can't wait for the new album.

  2. Caught the Chicago and Phoenix shows this leg, just awesome! I agree about the chicken and fact, former MLB pitcher Randy Johnson was in the Phoenix VIP pit -I suspect he was the 6' 10" guy in the chicken outfit basting the Henhouse contents (as well as Neil's drum) during the Phoenix S & A show in 2007.

    Can't wait for Clockwork Angels!

  3. The Gorge was unbelievable. Killer weather and perfection from Rush except some guitar issues during Vital Signs. Highlights: Marathon, Limelight was the best I have ever seen them play, Camera Eye,BUTB and Caravan. Could have done without Presto, Faithless and Closer TTH. Would sub Test 4 Echo, Alien Shore and Farewell 2 Kings. Just me. Geds voice was a bit shakey at times but hey....Alex absolutely was shredding like I've never seen him before on Camera Eye. Well that is it, awesome to say the least. Jim

  4. I suspect they'll take a month or two off to be with their families, then get right back into finishing up recording. We might have an album by Christmas?

  5. Would just like to say a big thankyou and congratulations to the guys for a fantastic show in london and, i'm sure, everywhere they played throughout the americas and europe. You are truly peerless.

  6. Greg:
    You are so right about Rush being "peerless".
    I saw them 7-8/10 in Seattle and 6-30/11 in Vancouver and was blown away both times. No other band on Earth can create that much sound. Not to mention a 3-piece.
    It was phenomenal! Both occasions.

  7. I know I could be excommunicated for saying this but after they complete the album, they need to evaluate their touring schedule. They are going full on, taking on so many dates and after reading Neil's last two novels, he's burning out and I think their touring really depends on his willingness to tour. Even though this is the best they have sounded and played, we know they are towards the end eventually. They need to take a long deserved rest, and finish the record at their pace.


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