A Time Machine of Rush Articles

Neil Peart - Cycle World Magazine - February 2003 Neil Peart - Modern Drummer September 2002 Rush - Classic Rock Magazine - October 2004
Though the Time Machine Tour ended about two weeks ago, a Rush Time Machine of other sorts has been taking place here at Cygnus-X1.Net over the past couple of weeks. Three new lengthy articles are now online that transport us back to the early part of the 21st century, when Rush were returning from their 5 year hiatus following Neil Peart's personal tragedies.

This rebirth period for Rush is as an important a time for the band as any other during their decades-long history. Given that, I spent some time uncovering, scanning and transcribing some key articles from this period of time.

Up first is a insightful interview with Neil Peart that appeared in the September 2002 Issue of Modern Drummer. This was the first such interview with Neil Peart after his return to Rush. An amazing read.

Up next is another interview with Neil in the February 2003 Issue of Cycle World Magazine. This interview focuses more on Neil's appreciation of cycling and his then-released book Ghost Rider.

Finally, Rush made their first major appearance in a copy of Classic Rock Magazine in October of 2004 in connection with their 30th Anniversary Tour and the release of their Feedback album. Five separate articles, including another insightful interview with Neil Peart appear in the issue. Click HERE to view it.

Many more articles can be viewed at the Biographies and Articles page of the site.

Look for more new (old) articles in the near future. Enjoy-


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