Rush Voted Best Prog Rock Band of All Time

Rush Named Best Prog Rock Band of All Time
Last week, Rolling Stone Magazine held a poll for its readers, asking them to select the best Progressive Rock Band of All Time.

The results? In RS's own words, it "wasn't even close".
1. Rush
Well, this poll wasn't even close. Rush won in a landslide – but this couldn't come as any surprise. The Canadian trio have perhaps the most intense and enthusiastic fan community in all of rock. The band deserves such commitment. While most of their peers have fallen apart due to greed or laziness, Rush has maintained the same line-up since 1975 and their concerts are as spellbinding as they ever were. It's also beyond dispute that Neil Peart is the greatest drummer on the planet. They just wrapped up an epic tour where they played Moving Pictures straight through, and are working on a new album. Here's hoping that they bust out 2112 the next time out. It's the only way to top that last tour.
Rounding out the Top 3 were Pink Floyd and Genesis.

To see the complete list, click HERE.

Thanks to RushFanForever for passing along the news.


  1. How come no one posted the poll before it was closed? We could've stuffed the ballot box a LOT more! LOL! :PPPP

  2. Sounds like the ballot box was already stuffed in our favor.
    Not everyone's happy with the results however. The nay's have never seen this band live. They would be converted very quickly.

  3. saw 6 time machines shows...RS is out of their mind...

  4. Yeah they are the best, have been since day one.


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