Rush's Limelight Makes Guitar World's "100 Greatest Classic Rock Guitar Songs" List

Included in the August 2011 issue of Guitar World is their list of the 100 Greatest Classic Rock Guitar Songs of All Time. Along with the listing of the songs, a short description / story of the bands behind the songs are included.

Coming in at #25 is Rush's Limelight:
Artist: Rush (Moving Pictures, 1980 [Released in 1981, written in 1980])
Recorded: Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec: October-November 1980
Guitarist: Alex Lifeson
Gear: Stratocaster with Bill Lawrence L-5000 in the bridge and a Floyd Rose vibrato, Marshall 4140 Club & Country Combo

Background: "'Limelight' is about being under the microscopic scrutiny of the public, and the need for privacy-trying to separate the two and not always being successful at it," guitarist Alex Lifeson says. "Because we've never been a high-profile band, we've managed to retain a lot of our privacy. But we've had to work at it."

For the recording, Lifeson used a modified Strat with a heavier and denser body. "We set up a couple of amps outside of the studio as well as inside," he recalls, "so we got a nice long repeat from the sound echoing in the surrounding mountains. The approach on that solo was to try to make it as fluid as possible. There was a lot of bending with lots of long delay repeats and reverb, so notes falling off would overlap with notes coming up. I spent a fair amount of time on that to get the character, but once we locked in on the sound, it came easily."
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