Rush Sectors Box Set - Liner Notes, Tracks and Images Now Online

Rush - Sector 3 Rush - Sector 2 Rush - Sector 1
The highly anticipated Rush box set "Sectors", which covers all of the band's studio and live albums during their Mercury Records years, was released last week. Rather than just a re-issuing of the albums, each one was remastered with three albums (Fly By Night, A Farewell to Kings and Signals) also receiving the 5.1 treatment.

Outside of the sonic changes made to the albums, the box set was packaged with new - and some rarely seen photos - while each album has been packaged in a replica vinyl mini-jacket of the original album release. All three box sets, when stacked together, form a Rush CD road case. All of the liner notes, tracks, album information - and package images - are now available here at Cygnus-X1.Net. Check them out via the links below:
Sector 1: | Album Info |---| Album Images|
Sector 2: | Album Info |---| Album Images|
Sector 3: | Album Info |---| Album Images|
There's also a great article by Andy VanDette, Masterdisk's chief engineer, on the remastering of the Rush albums for the Sectors box set. Check it out HERE. Thanks Ed from RushIsABand).

Ordering of all three box sets is available at Amazon.Com via the links below:
Rush: Sector 1
Rush: Sector 2
Rush: Sector 3

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  1. Unless I missed something along the way (more than possible because I...Zzzzzz...), I don't think I've read anywhere what the process was for picking which album to release in 5.1 for each box set. I'd love to get these remasters, sans the 5.1 discs, tho'.

    Also, I stand corrected on my earlier comments that these discs would not be DVD Audio format. The scans of the 5.1 discs clearly show the DVD Audio logo, which is an enormous (and welcome) surprise. It was good to see the reference to 192kHz masters in the interview with VanDette as well.

    I'm sending off a request for further technical info on these discs, so I'll let everyone know if I hear anything back.

  2. Thanks MrSatyre -- let us know what you find...

  3. Heard back from Andy himself a short time ago, but am waiting for him to give me a thumb's up before I repost here what he told me.

  4. Aside from the welcome three DVD-A discs, are these others just re-packaged (nicely) remasters from several years ago?

  5. Folks, I regret that Andy has asked me not to repost the technical details he shared with me via email. As a product planer and marketing guy for a major audio company myself who deals with the press on a regular basis, I can readily understand his reluctance at possibly being perceived by MasterDisk's legal team as being quoted out of context outside of a controlled environment. So, I must glumly respect his wishes. Be assured, however, that everything he shared with me was excellent news, so glean from that what you will!

    Mike, my interpretation of the interview with Andy (linked to by Jag2112 above) is that these are all new remasters/remixes for each album.


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