Clockwork Angels Update from Rush Producer Nick Raskulinecz

Rush: Clockwork Angels
Nick Raskulinecz, Rush's producer behind their 2007 Snakes & Arrowsn album as well as their upcoming Clockwork Angels album was recently interviewed by UltimateGuitar.Com where he provide a modest update on the progress of Rush's latest album:
You’re working on Rush’s upcoming new studio album, Clockwork Angels. How is it coming along?

It is coming along fantastic, we have recorded two songs already and we released them last year and then the band went on tour. But we are currently in preproduction right now so that we can finish the rest of the record which we will start recording again in mid October.
So it does appear that Rush remains on schedule to complete the album some time this year with the likelihood of a 2012 Spring release with a supporting tour to follow.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news.


  1. What? I thought they were already done! Well, the tour will have a big impact on their recording material. Since Moving Pictures was a big focus, I suspect thre'll be a few elements of that, perhaps a Camera Eye feel. Some of their best work is done in the fall in my opinion.
    Wish that Moving Pictures Live was released on BlueRay.

  2. another tour in 2012-2013? I'd die for them to go on tour one more time once they release theor new album, i saw the June 30th in Vancouver,, by far the best concert i have ever seen or will ever see (unless they tour again that it)
    if anyone knows if the 2012 tour is for sure, let me know, you'll make me very happy!

  3. my projected set=list for their next tour:

    •Intro Video
    •The Big Money
    •A Farewell to Kings
    •The Larger Bowl [A Pantoum](Leg 1)/One Little Victory(Leg 2)
    •Lakeside Park (only in Toronto)
    •BU2B (from “Clockwork Angels”)
    •Unknown Track #1 (from “Clockwork Angels”)
    •Caravan (from “Clockwork Angels”)
    •The Trees
    •Second Set Intro Video
    •Clockwork Angels (From “Clockwork Angels”)
    •Unknown Track #2 (from “Clockwork Angels”)
    •Distant Early Warning
    •Jacob’s Ladder
    •A Passage to Bangkok(Leg 1)/Dreamline (Leg 2)
    •Tom Sawyer
    •La Villa Strangiato
    =ENCORE =
    •The Spirit of Radio
    •Drum Solo
    •2112 Grand Finale

  4. They gotta tour in 2012. We need to celebrate the fact that the yr 2112 will be only 100 years away.

  5. Is the new album coming out in 2112?

  6. i'm figuring CA will come out on Feb 1, 2012

  7. Moving Pictures Live is on BluRay.
    It's called the first half of the second set of The Time Machine Tour - Live in Cleavland on BluRay.


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