"Origin of Neil Peart" Documentary Now Online

Origin of Neil Peart Documentary Now Online
The Niagara music scene of the late 1960's and early 1970's was the subject behind a 2009 documentary by filmmaker Paul Miil. At the time he began working on the documentary, which was titled The Big Story of Small Potatoes, Miil intended on focusing much of the film on Neil's early career, however the project soon expanded to other area musicians.

Today, Miil has just released a 49-minute Peart-centric video which was culled from the original documentary and includes additional never-before-seen interviews with various musicians and roadies that knew Neil back in the day including members of Neil's pre-Rush bands including The Majority, Hush and J.R. Flood:
Neil Peart's rudimentary years as chronicled by prior bandmates and contemporary drummers. This film answers the age old question, "How do you know if the stage is level?"
The video can be viewed on YouTube at this LINK for via the embedded viewer below.

Thanks to John Manasco for the link.


  1. Never heard of GLEN GRATTO before..sounds like a GREAT drummer to check out!


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