Rush The Lady Gone Electric Live 1974 Radio Broadcast Coming in April

Rush The Lady Gone Electric Live 1974 Radio Broadcast Coming in April
In the same vein as the 2011 release of RUSH ABC 1974: The First American Broadcast and the 2014 release of SPIRIT OF THE AIRWAVES: Live 1980 Radio Broadcast, another early Rush radio broadcast is set to be released as an 'unofficial' CD this April.

Rush The Lady Gone Electric is a live radio broadcast recording from a December 1974 appearance at the Electric Lady Studios in New York City. From the Amazon.Co.Uk listing:
Recorded at the Electric Ladyland [sic] Studios in New York City, in December 1974 in preparation for their first US tour, this sublime Rush performance was given in front of an audience of 8-12 people in the small studio, and thus provides a fine example of this remarkable band s early live sound. This was also the earliest recording made with Neil Peart on drums, Peart having replaced their former skins-man John Rutsy, a few months before this show. They perform material from their first album and new songs from the soon to be released Fly by Night LP. The show was undertaken to provide a live broadcast for FM Radio, and was transmitted across the airwaves prior to the release of Fly by Night. Neil had only been with the band for a few months at this point, but the playing is tight and precise.

The FBN songs are still coming together, so some, notably Best I Can, contain some alternate lyrics. The structure of Fly by Night is different, with the guitar solo coming after the vocal bridge and a completely different ending. We get a rare treat in Working Man, when Alex delivers a guitar solo outside of the normal structure of the song. Bad Boy is introduced as a Beatles song, although it was originally written and performed by Larry Williams. It s amusing to hear the polite clapping of what sounds like about five or ten folks in the studio. Geddy s soft-spoken comments in between songs are a sharp contrast to the very hard-edged performance. Apparently, several mics were set up around the studio, with only a very basic soundboard feed. The result is a very well-mixed sound - so much so, in places it sounds as though it s lifted direct from the first album. The three bonus cuts included are from the group s first US television performance on the legendary Don Kirshner Rock Show programme in October 74.
Though the listing at Amazon cites this as the first recording of Neil Peart as a member of Rush, it is not. The first was actually the aforementioned RUSH ABC 1974: The First American Broadcast.

The CD includes twelve songs including a cover of Bad Boy:
1. Finding My Way
2. Best I Can
3. In the Mood
4. Anthem
5. Need Some Love
6. Fly by Night
7. Here Again
8. Bad Boy
9. Working Man
10. Best I Can [Bonus]
11. In the Mood [Bonus]
12. Finding My Way [Bonus]
The CD is scheduled for an April 13th release in Europe and is expected to be released soon in North America.

You can pre-order the CD via this LINK.

Thanks to Eric Hansen from Power Windows for the news.


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