Rush Manager Ray Danniels Talks About Managing the Band and Their Future

Rush Manager Ray Danniels Talks About Managing the Band and Their Future
CelebrityAccess has just posted a new interview with long-time Rush manager Ray Danniels. In the In the Hot Seat with Larry LeBlanc segment, Danniels discusses managing the band over the past four decades and what the possible future holds:
With all of this activity, there’s a sense of finality in the air. Will this be the final Rush tour? Both Geddy Lee, and Alex Lifeson have talked about the tour somewhat in those terms. So final tour or not?

Somewhere between possible and probable. There are some of us who would keep going forever, and there are some of us who wouldn’t. So it’s a process of working that out. And what somebody thinks today may not be what they think in a month.

Once the band return to performing, they might think, “We can’t give this up.”

Yeah, that is possible. I am focused on making this as good as it can be, and then seeing where we are. I did not want to do a farewell tour. There was no one in the band who wanted to do that because there is nobody who thinks it is that final or thinks that they won’t make music or do something. But I will tell you this. I am probably not going to be able to get a band full of 65 year olds out again on the road--which is what would happen next time with any potential tour--they all would be 65-ish. Neil is as much an athlete as he is a musician, but with these 2 1/2 and 3 hour length sets, I don’t know if it possible to keep up with that (physical) demand. And they each want to go out on top in every single way. From their status....well, that is more me—the status—than it is them; and still having the ability to be at their best. To play at the level that they have been able to play.
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  1. RUSH have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING left to Prove! They have Done it All! I say if all they do is release one or two more records and no more touring so be it! They have already given me and others the SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES! Stay Healthy Happy and DO WHAT YOU WANT!

  2. Ray must know what he's doing, but I'm struck by how inarticulate he is. But more importantly, why did the band give in to him and his demand that they tour again? Final tour…with a grudge. Huh?! A sure way to drive them into retirement. Why not wait another year until they're excited to work again? They can't possibly need still MORE money. Although, as Ray pointed out, they need to start PLANNING THEIR ESTATES! Yikes. By now, even their pets will be millionaires. But I guess the publishing deal will provide for their pets' children.


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