Clockwork Angels: The Motion Picture Coming in 2016

Clockwork Angels: The Motion Picture Coming in 2016
Update: As many - but not all - of you have surmised, this was in fact an April Fool's joke. I want to thank my partners in crime Eric Hansen from Power Windows and Ed Stenger from RushIsABand for their help in pulling this off. And special thanks to Kevin J. Anderson who also participated in the fun. To view a full-resolution version of the movie poster, which yours truly created, simply click on the image to the right. Thanks for playing along, everyone!
Update: Kevin J. Anderson has posted a larger version of the movie poster on his Facebook Page. More to come!
For some time now Kevin J. Anderson, the author of Clockwork Angels, has been hinting at something "big" on the horizon for the world he created with Neil Peart. After the novelization of Peart's lyrics, a graphic novel series was created to further capture the adventures of Owen Hardy in the world of Albion. Later, Anderson announced the follow-up novel titled Clockwork Lives, which is due out in September.

Now it seems that Clockwork Angels is taking the next logical step - an appearance on the big screen, or so it would seem.

This information, along with a low-resolution copy of the working movie poster, comes from a fellow Rush fan who works for DreamWorks Pictures. According to the contact, who asked to remain anonymous, a formal announcement from DreamWorks, the studio behind such classics as the Shrek and Madagascar movie series, will be made in the coming days indicating that an animated full-length feature film based on Anderson's novelization of Clockwork Angels will be released in the Summer of 2016.

At this point, it is unclear if this release will be a 'direct-to-video' variant or a full-blown worldwide theatrical release. What we do know comes from the movie poster to the right, which reflects a scene of passengers - and perhaps the Anarchist himself - boarding what is clearly an airship. Though difficult to make out, it seems that the screenwriters include not only Kevin J. Anderson himself, but famed U.S. screenwriter John Logan. Logan is probably best known for his work on 2004's The Aviator, as well as 2002's Star Trek: Nemesis and The Time Machine. More recently, he was on the writing team for Skyfall, the latest James Bond film.

John Kahrs seems to be identified as the director of the animated feature. Kahrs is best known for directing the Academy Award Winning Short Paperman in 2012.

Finally it does appear that Rush will be involved in this film. The final line in the movie poster seems to indicate that music will be provided by the band which, of course, makes perfect sense. Additionally, Pegi Cecconi of Anthem/SRO is listed as Executive Producer.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting news!


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