Fantoons' "Comicspheres: A Retrospective of Rush Toons" Kickstarter Program Now Underway

Fantoons' Comicspheres: A Retrospective of Rush Toons Kickstarter Program Now Underway
Fantoons, which was created by David Calcano and launched in 2012, is an on-going comic strip that brings you comedy and art based on the greatest rock bands on the planet.

Recently Fantoons announced an exciting new book project centered around Rush with a Kickstarter Program to help fund it. From the announcement:
We’ve released two books so far, and for this book, we’re exclusively going to cover the mighty RUSH! We’ve created comics, art, and parodies with their rich history, covers, and of course ourselves…the obsessive fans. You know… the guys that crashed their site when the R40 tour was announced; if you clicked & refreshed the page more than 4 times you are one of us.

Our book is ready to print! We are working on the cover to create something incredible for you. The purpose of this Kickstarter is to help us fund the printing process for the book... entitled: “Comicspheres: A retrospective of Rush Toons by Fantoons” This book is made for Rush fans by Rush fans, to celebrate their incredible career with humor and art blended together.
Fantoons is also providing a number of rewards for anyone who participates in their Kickstarter program.

For more information, please click HERE.


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