Rush Currently Rehearsing in Los Angeles Ahead of R40 Tour

Rush Rehearsing in Los Angeles for R40Rush Rehearsing in Los Angeles for R40
With little over a month to go before the launch of Rush's R40 40th Anniversary tour, which begins on May 8th in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Tulsa Bok Center, both Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson appear to be in Los Angeles rehearsing for the tour.

Back on March 30th, the pair were spotted on a flight leaving Toronto (YYZ) and headed for Los Angeles.

Today, two photos showing Geddy Lee playing on a new, seafoam green bass appeared. Note the reappearance of a Clockwork Angels symbol on the bass, similar to the bass guitar he used during the Clockwork Angels tour of 2012-13. Click the thumbnail images to the right for a larger version of each.

The rehearsals taking place in Los Angeles makes sense, of course. Neil Peart currently lives in the greater Los Angeles area, and he has been rehearsing there since early March, as indicated by a tweet from Lorne Wheaton, Neil's drum tech, back on March 1st.

We'll have more news on the upcoming tour as it becomes available. To view a complete list of the thirty-five tour dates, please click HERE.

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  1. I see Rickenbackers!!!

  2. Wouldn't read much into that ... there is also a McCartney-esque violin bass (Bogner?). Hard to imagine Geddy taking the stage with one of those.

  3. I wonder the bottom mic on the mic stand is for...

    1. I have to assume it is just one of several room mics and that they are recording these sessions for a later release. Why not?

    2. Might be to record the sound from the audience

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. With that brick wall, I wonder if that is at SIR.

  6. *scans the room for a Rickenbacker double-neck* Nope :-(

  7. Off to the right, ( middle of the monitor ) looks to be a two headed Rick a.k.a. dubl neck for" slapping da Bass" and finishing Xanadu.


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