Alex Lifeson Talks to the UK's Express and Star

Alex Lifeson Interview in The Express & Star
The UK news magazine Express and Star recently held a phone interview with Alex Lifeson ahead of Rush's stop in Birmingham's LG Arena on May 22. In the interview, Alex discusses topics ranging from the Time Machine Tour, performing Moving Pictures in its entirety and the imagery behind the tour and upcoming Clockwork Angels album:
"The whole 'steam punk' kind of thing is what we're sort of leaning towards. It's a little bit like what the Victorians would have thought the future of technology would have been like."

So if you'd have had a time machine when you released your first album back in 1974 what would you have made of Rush's success in 2011?

"I never would have imagined in a million years that in 2011 we'd still be doing what we're doing. When we first started out, when we first got our record deal in '74 we all thought if we could stretch out for five years we'd have done great.

"That's what our deal was - a five-year deal with five records. A record a year for five years; that would have been a great run. Never would we have imagined that we'd still be at it on the cusp of our 60s."
Alex also reflected back on Rush's early gigs in the United Kingdom as well as his early influences:
"Pete Townsend for me was a huge influence. Because essentially they were a three-piece band and the way he structured his chords and took up a lot of space musically in the songs was really important to the way Rush developed. Geddy and Neil both were such active players and lot of the time we were all playing like crazy and it was too much and somebody had to reel it in and me being the faceless guy, I would do that," he laughs.
You can read the entire interview via this LINK.


  1. PT of the Who was an inspiration for Alex? Wow - news to me (and cool news, too!)

  2. That photo of Neil is the shyte.


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