Cygnus-X1.Net Integrates with Facebook and Twitter

Cygnus-X1.Net Goes Social - Networking That Is
Just a quick note to point out that, if you hadn't noticed already, Cygnus-X1.Net is now fully connected and integrated with both Facebook and Twitter. Most pages throughout the site, along with all news and special sections of the site, will have both Facebook 'Like/Recommend' buttons along with a Twitter 'Tweet' button. In addition, you can now follow along with all site news, updates and more via the official Cygnus-X1.Net Facebook Group and Twitter Feed.

Thanks for everyone's support in extending the reach of Cygnus-X1.Net beyond the confines of the home url :)

Also a special thanks to RushFanForever for helping to introduce the Cygnus-X1.Net Facebook Group to a bunch of Rush fans.


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