Benedictum's Cover of 2112 Now Online

Benedictum, an American heavy metal band that formed in 2005 in San Diego, California, has a cover of Rush's 2112 appearing on their third studio album titled Dominion. Though listed as only spanning the first two segments of 2112 (Overture and Temples of Syrinx), the cover also includes 'The Grand Finale' as well.

Given that Benedictum has a female lead singer, the results are quite interesting. You can now listen to Benedictum's take on 2112 via YouTube or below:

Additional information on Dominion and the 2112 cover can be read HERE. To order Benedictum's Dominion, click HERE.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the link.


  1. Gotta dig a chick singing Rush!

  2. Not bad...not bad at all :) Might have to buy the album to hear what else they can do...thanks for posting...

  3. I completely understand playing songs by your favorite artists when you're jamming with your mates (how else do you get to be any good in the first place?) (and I believe it was Plato who once said "All writing is plagurism...except for the first book, and no one remembers who wrote than."). I get that.

    What I don't get is when a band---established or otherwise---records someone else's work onto their own album. To me it's a sign of laziness more than it is a sign of adulation. It says to me "We're too lazy to come up with three or four more tracks of our own material. Here are some very successful songs which someone else dreamed up and perfected through lots of hard work. Pay us to play our way what you've already heard before."

    I didn't buy it when other bands made tribute albums to Rush, and I didn't buy it when Rush made their own tribute album to musicians they admired.

    I'm not saying these bands aren't any good. I'm not saying they aren't doing justice to the songs they didn't write. I am saying I just don't see the point.

    Queensryche's first album is what you could loosely call an EP. It had four tracks on it (five if you bought the later CD re-release). They didn't try to fill it up with stuff they didn't write. I don't know if this is Benedictum's first album or not, but I'd much rather they impress me with original creations of their own, not somene else's.

    Okay, you may now all refer to me as The Curmudgeon!

  4. Hey Mr Satyre - dont worry - we wont call you a curmudgeon! Some folks are purists. I can certainly relate and understand your point! Great thoughts if you ask me......

    But! This doesn't sound too bad! I kinda like it. Yeah ok I get its not the Boys, but there just aren't that many bands out there even willing to try a Rush song, because any Rush song is just so technically and artistically superior that its just way too far over the heads of some of these head banging maniacs. You have to admire their effort, and they really stuck to much of the song as it was recorded way back....OMG....that was a long time ago!

    Now if you REALLY want to impress me....try getting Metallica to do a cover of "La Villa Strangiato"! That would be fun. They wouldn't get it RIGHT but sure would be fun.

  5. You're right: it doesn't sound too bad at all. She sounds like she probably has a lot of range (variety-wise, that is). Like a female Bruce Dickinson. Ow, that visual just made my head hurt... :(

  6. Ok - where is the aspirin? Just the thought of that makes my head ache and my eyes hurt.

  7. To Satyre: I made "Witch Hunt" but I don't think I plaguerized it. More of an homage, but then again, I don't have a band. I did all the instruements except the middle keyboards. It's on Youtube here: Tom Sawyer should be out in a week or so.

    Personally, Benedictum did a good job but I don't think the guitarist "gets it". Sterile palm-muting with a lot of noise-silencing. The bass-player was very good though, and the vocals were acceptable.


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