Rush: 'Our Fans Feel Vindicated'

A feature article in the UK Guardian Newspaper called Rush: 'Our Fans Feel Vindicated' was published yesterday. The lengthy article includes a nice retrospective look back at Rush's career, comments from both Geddy and Alex on the recent changes of Rush in the public's eye and also revisits a story posted last year where Neil Peart discusses the writing process behind Xanadu.
Rush have been uncool for so long that they are, finally, perhaps the coolest band in the world.

"We've been vindicated!" laughs guitarist Alex Lifeson down the phone from his home in Toronto a few days later. "A lot of fans feel vindicated, too. There is a segment of our audience that are outsiders and some have grown into power and influence, but that bond they feel to us is still there. It's very, very deep and I don't think it's like that for a lot of other bands."
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  1. Nothing we didn't know already, but it's great to read such a 'nice' article in one of our best newspapers, well done Rob!
    BTW, Can't believe that in a few days i'll be able to say, ' month'!!!

  2. I'm glad Alex finally realizes it.

  3. They've always been the coolest.


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