Ace Frehley Talks Rush In His New Autobiography "No Regrets"

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The new autobiography from KISS's lead guitarist Ace Frehley titled No Regrets includes a humorous story and photo about the times when Rush and KISS were on the road together touring. From the book:
Ace Frehley of KISS fame has published a new biography titled No Regrets. The book, which hit store shelves on Monday, includes the following story and accompanying photo: "I have so many road stories, but one that always comes to mind is the tour we did in the summer of 1975 with Rush opening for us. I always liked Rush (and still do). After a few weeks on tour I started to get to know the guys in the band, and their very funny tour manager, Howie. One thing led to another and before long Peter and I were getting visits from the Rush boys.

It usually turned into late evenings filled with beer and grass and whatever else was around. Alex Lifeson, the band's guitarist, used to do this hysterical routine with a large paper laundry bag. He'd draw a ridiculous giant face on the bag with a black marker and put it over his head with a couple of holes poked in it so he could see and breathe.

Everyone in the room at this point was either drunk or stoned, but usually a little of both. Anyway, Alex would go into this routine with the bag over his head and while smoking a joint out of his eye he put everyone into total hysterics. He really milked the routine until everyone was gasping for air!" - Ace Frehley, No Regrets
The above segment appears on pages 188-189 of chapter 13 titled Fast Cars, Celebs, and Betty White.

The autobiography is on sale now and can be ordered HERE.

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