Alex Lifeson Interview on Planet Rock - Now Online

Alex Lifeson Interview on Planet Rock
Earlier this morning, Alex Lifeson (on location in Toronto) spoke with Darren Redick of UK internet radio station Planet Rock.
We spoke to Alex in the studio where he and his Rush bandmates are currently recording their brand new studio album, Clockwork Angels.

In the interview he reveals that the band are aiming to release their new album in the spring and they are hoping to tour in the summer, with European dates almost a certainty. He also reveals that the band are looking at perhaps doing some festival shows in 2013.

The guitarist also gives an insight into how the new album will sound, revealing that the songs are starting to take an epic shape.
The 10-minute long interview is now online and can be listened to via this LINK.

Ed from RushIsABand posted some bullet points from the interview (courtesy of reader Distant Early Warning:
• Currently in the studio in Toronto putting in long hours.
• They already had the 5 songs written of which 2 had been recorded so needed 5 or 6 more.
• After a slow first week, they got on a roll and after 4 weeks, all songs had been written.
• In response to a question about whether the direction of Clockwork Angels had changed, Alex said yes: BU2B and Caravan had set the tone, but last month some other pieces came together that were more melodic and had different arrangements and presentation than they were used to doing. However, the rest are heavy.
• 3 or 4 songs are over 7 minutes long and most of the rest are over 6 minutes - there's a lot of intense playing.
• Alex did not have much to do with the recent box sets - Neil does the design side of things.
• The 'I Love You Man' sketch was left off the concert DVD because of union issues (Screen Actors Guild) - it was difficult to get all the releases for it.
• They want to finish CA by Christmas but Alex was not confident about this. They have mixing booked for the New Year and he reckoned they would do a bit of recording and mixing at the same time, in time for a spring release.
• They hope to be out on tour in May or June, with Europe on the agenda but maybe not until 2013.
• On the subject of festivals, while they find it intriguing and potentially lucrative, they've never felt comfortable with it, as they would want more control over it (the time and the 'show' itself). However, if the right one came up where they had the control over the show, with a decent timeslot, they would consider it.
• Lastly, a big no to doing any small scale 'bar' gigs to 500 people.
Thanks to Ed for sharing the news.


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