Alex Lifeson Makes Rolling Stone List of Top 100 Guitarists of All Time

Alex Lifeson Top 100 Guitarist of All Time
Rolling Stone magazine recently assembled a panel of top guitarists and other experts to rank their favorites guitarists while explaining what separates the legends from everyone else. Not only was Alex Lifeson among the panel of those casting their votes, he also made the list, coming in at position #98 (yes, he should have placed significantly higher, but that goes without saying):
Even if he had never progressed beyond the brain-rattling riffing of "2112" and "Xanadu," Rush's guitarist would have left his mark on Metallica and other like-minded metalheads. But he went on to fill out Rush's power-trio sound with a seamless mix of lush arpeggios and rock crunch that sounded like at least two players at once. "The guitar just had to make a broader statement," he says. Alex Lifeson reserves his most daring playing for his solos – just try wrapping your head around the extra­terrestrial lunacy of "Freewill."

Key Tracks: "La Villa Strangiato," "The Spirit of Radio"
Not surprisingly, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page took the top three spots respectively. You can check out the entire Top 100 List via this LINK.

Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for passing along the news.


  1. This is insane. Once again Rolling Stone displays their intelligance.
    Alex Lifesone in a top 10 all time guitarist. Maybe even top 5.

  2. Keith Richards #4.once again we have ourselves a popularity contest. Very little to do with natural ability.

  3. wanna know something worst?

    in the top 500 albumns no even MOVING PICTURES APPEARS!!

  4. Bruce Springsteen is a better guitarist than Alex Lifeson?!? Are you kidding me? Why even put him in the list if he is #98? This is an abolute joke! Once again Rolling Stone = Disservice to music.

  5. Rolling Stones has not been a relevant magazine since 1984. It's become more of a political agenda platform. Why is Elvis Costello constantly honored? He made a top 10 album once in 1979 out of 30 albums. Joe Satriani isn't on there, nor his disciple Steve Vai? What about Charro's flamenco work? Pathetic. If you subscribe to this magazine, dump it.

  6. John, PLEASE stop making ANY mention of that irrelevant POS magazine. We ALL know it's crap, and everyone on the magazine's staff has NO knowledge of music and talent whatsoever. Please help me boycott this POS AND their "HOF"

  7. I've followed the guitarist ratings for years...Hendrix and Clapton will always be 1 and 2. I had to smack my head and re-adjust my eyeballs to see Keith Richards at number 4. I guess the voting takes into account being able to play on the floor under a piano as a great guitar achievement. Alex Lifeson at 98 is an absolute insult. Did I spell that right...INSULT to the guitarist community. There are alot of other mishaps in the list but Lifeson at 98? I remember around 15 years ago I think they put his Working Man solo as one of the top solos of all time...that list was a joke,very disappointed.


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