Walk Your Dog in Neil Peart Park

Neil Peart is one of 42 names added to St. Catharines' list of "Significant Local Individuals". Neil, who grew up in Port Dalhousie, Ontario which is now part of St. Catharines, was added to the list where local developers & the town's council can draw on to name new streets & parks.

According to an article at Newstalk 610 CKTB:
"...The list has been going through an update for about 2 years. It's the first time the list has been changed since it was first drafted in 1999.

Councillor Mat Siscoe who represents council on the heritage committee tells 610 CKTB News deciding who was on the list & who was left off was a painstaking process.

When streets are named, they have to be cleared first with the fire department to make sure there's no confusion about where emergency responders have to go.
I guess RushCon can have their next convention at Neil's park :)


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