Rush's Neil Peart Takes A Ride In His Ohio Time Machine: Exclusive

Neil Peart
In connection with the release of Rush's live CD/DVD Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland, Neil Peart has written an exclusive article for Cleveland's Plain Dealer newspaper. Neil looks back at the band's first concert in Cleveland back in 1974, his time cycling and riding between shows and the band's decision to film the Cleveland show for their official live release from their Time Machine Tour.
The band had decided to film the show in Cleveland for a few reasons. In past years, we had released concert videos from shows in Toronto, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro, Frankfurt and Rotterdam, but we had never filmed a concert in the United States.

We decided to rectify that.

It was felt that the "Time Machine" show in particular looked better indoors, without the lingering twilight of an outdoor amphitheater, and with control over ambient light and air currents. Also, the audio side of things tends to be more controllable in a contained acoustic environment. (Wind, for example, can play havoc with sound waves and microphones.) So we wanted an arena.
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Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for sharing the news.


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